Miflex Xtreme Regulator Hose 210cm

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Miflex Xtreme Regulator Hose 210cm Black MI-60111
£33.33 £40.00
Miflex Xtreme Regulator Hose 210cm Yellow MI-60134
£33.33 £40.00


Miflex Xtreme Regulator Hose 210cm
XTREME hoses feature an external nylon safety braiding designed to resist the snags and abrasions that divers can often encounter. The patent Pending XTREME double braiding also resists UV rays out of the water, thus extending the lifespan of the hose.

Unlike traditional hoses, the XTREME nylon safety braiding is not simply pushed over the hose fittings. Instead the braiding is tightly bound and fixed to the hose core by stainless steel or brass sleeve

• Light and extremely flexible
• A multi-layer construction hose
• Average longer lifespan than traditional hoses.
• Excellent resistance to abrasion
• Kink-resistant design – tie an XTREME hose into a knot and air flow remains continuous.
• A burst pressure more than twice that of traditional hoses.
• 30 individual safety tests made during production on every hose
• Premium packaging which doubles as a water resistant document wallet.
• Approved and certified to EN250 with standards exceeding these requirements.
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