RescuEAN Basic Pod

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RescuEAN Basic Pod Set RescueEAN
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RescuEAN Basic Pod

The RescuEAN Pod is an unique diving rescue aid that delivers available Nitrox & O2 decompression gas mixes safely and in a constant flow to an injured diver in accordance with the standards of current best clinical practice.  It can be used with both conscious and unconscious casualties, as well as those individuals who deteriorate into Cardiac Arrest and require resuscitation before the arrival of the Emergency Medical Services.

Uses for the RescuEAN Pod:

For pre-emergency oxygen use by individual/buddy divers not owning their own emergency oxygen equipment

For post-emergency oxygen use or if emergency oxygen fails or becomes exhausted for Schools/Clubs where there is a ‘Duty of Care’ to provide emergency oxygen equipment

For technical divers that have access to high O2 concentration stage cylinders

For rebreather divers that already have 100% oxygen available within their systems

As support for RIB & boat skippers to back-up to their O2 kits onboard - if the O2 cylinder becomes exhausted or fails

Cave divers can carry a pod into a cave system along with a high concentration O2 cylinder which, in an emergency,  will allow ‘above water sumps' within the system to be used to begin treatment

As a back-up or as a primary aid  for overseas dive trips  -  the Pod is compact and lightweight

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