Aqualung SuperZip 5mm Boots

Ex Tax Inc Tax
Aqualung SuperZip 5mm Boots Euro 48 UK 14.5 BS187014048
£29.17 £35.00
Aqualung SuperZip 5mm Boots Euro 47 UK 13.5 BS187014047
£29.17 £35.00
Aqualung SuperZip 5mm Boots Euro 39 UK 6 BS187014039
£29.17 £35.00


Aqualung SuperZip 5mm Boots
Keep your feet warm and secure. The SuperZip Boots protect your feet with a tight seal that reduces water transfer to keep them warmer for longer. Meanwhile, the cuff binding is made from elastic to provide a more comfortable fit. Superzip Boots are strengthened with extra padding in 
the sole, toe cap, and heel cap to keep them going strong dive after dive
• Maximum comfort thanks to the Ergo shaped footbed and outsole to match the profile of the foot
• Protective 8mm thick treaded sole and additional protection and durable panels on critical areas on the upper
• Non corrosive YKK zippers
This item cannot be sent outside the EU due to manufacturers restrictions
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